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The Montverde Academy Theatre Conservatory has become a driving force in expanding the abilities of theatre students who wish to pursue their career in high learning and beyond. Our talented, experienced instructors are committed to broadening the reach of each student’s abilities whether in a beginning class or as they immerse themselves into our intense theatre studies program. Lifelong bonds are formed in rigorous classes as students pursue their individual dreams and goals. 

How to Audition

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  • Acting

    • Submit a current headshot
    • Prepare two contrasting one-minute monologues
    • Two recommendations from prior director and/or English or drama teachers
  • Musical Theatre

    • Prepare one monologue and 16 bars of a musical theatre piece.
    • Two recommendations from a prior director and/or English or drama teachers.
  • Technical Theatre

    • Tech students will have a 10-minute interview and should be ready to present a portfolio of any previous experience in tech or creative artwork.
    • Two recommendations from a prior director and/or English or drama teachers.
  • Schedule the Audition

    Auditions can be scheduled by completing the audition form online. Please note that we cannot hear any student’s audition until we receive a completed admissions application which is separate from the audition application. Please contact the admissions department to begin your school application. Once we receive both completed applications you will be contacted to set an audition date and time.

Meet our instructors

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Your path has never been more clear.

Our program encourages thespian talents to bring out values such as focus, discipline, trust, and critical thinking analysis. These values are the goals that the Montverde Academy Theatre Conservatory strives to instill in every student. MATC provides a far-reaching, challenging, and innovative path to success in higher learning and beyond.

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