The Arts


Music is an important part of the Montverde Academy curriculum. Students at every level can learn to sing, play, read, and love music.
Students are introduced to vocal music and general music in Pre-K3 and have the opportunity to sing all the way through Upper School. Our Lower, Middle, and Upper School choirs meet during the academic day and as after school activities, producing several concerts and an annual service of Lessons and Carols throughout the year. Upper School choirs take part in the Florida MPA Choral Festival and sing in honors choruses across Florida. The Select Choir is a “by audition only” show choir which regularly tours Central Florida performing at festivals, conferences and show choir competitions.

Instrumental music is also a big component of an MVA musical experience. Students take beginner strings as a part of the Lower School music experience. Middle and Upper School students can pursue their instrumental studies as part of our orchestras, who perform in concerts and Lessons and Carols. Orchestra students also participate in competitions and Master Classes that feature a range of exceptional clinicians. Middle and Upper School students can also pursue piano by taking Progressive Class Piano in our state-of-the-art piano lab. Upper School students can take music appreciation, music history, music theory, and AP music theory as electives.


List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Aubrey Connelly-Candelario

    Aubrey Connelly-Candelario 

    Upper School - Choir
    407-469-2561 x3525
  • Photo of Mary Mincy

    Mary Mincy 

    Music Instructor & Accompanist
    407-469-2561 x3524
  • Photo of Gina Mobley

    Gina Mobley 

    Lower School Music
    407-469-2561 x1146
  • Photo of Jeannine Mongeon

    Jeannine Mongeon 

    Lower/Middle/Upper School Orchestra Director and String Instrumental Music Teacher
    407-469-2561 x3513