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The Arts - Love, Appreciate, Create

The Fine Arts Program

Montverde Academy offers a diverse and dynamic Fine Arts program including vocal music, theatre, orchestra, piano, crafts, ceramics, two-dimensional art, sculpture, and photography. We offer five Advanced Placement-level fine arts classes, and have a strong record of sending students to some of the top Fine and Performing Arts college programs in America such as Berklee College of Music, Columbia University, Otterbein University, University of Central Florida, Stetson University, Rollins College, Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Savannah College of Art and Design, and more.

Our hands-on program engages students at all levels in the arts. Our top music groups feature a mix of talented, well-trained performers. Each school division has its own fine arts programs for music, theatre and visual art, with collaborations between all levels.One full stage musical is open to students at every grade level annually, and we strive other collaborative opportunities, such as our annual Lessons & Carols presentation, throughout the year.

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  • Center for Media and Performing Arts

    Montverde Academy offers fine arts students collegiate-level facilities including our state-of-the-art media and performing arts center. Featuring a large band and orchestra suite, choral rooms, a music theory computer and listening lab, TV production facility, numerous practice rooms and a piano lab, the media and performing arts center allows students to unleash their creativity and learn more about the world of fine arts.
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  • Montverde Academy Piano Laboratory

    The Montverde Academy piano lab is one of the best in the region. Featuring 20 Kawai digital pianos, three acoustic console pianos, a Steinway spinet, a five-foot Chickering grand piano, and a nine-foot Estonia concert grand piano, students can take collegiate-level classes with the best instruments available.
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  • Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts Center

    The Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts Center serves as Montverde Academy's auditorium. The 417-seat, acoustically-balanced theatre is where all main stage shows and concerts are produced.
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The Arts - Love, Appreciate, Create

We encourage all of our students to love being a part of the fine arts program through the arts. Students are inspired to learn and appreciate the varied and wondrous offerings that the arts can provide. In creating a desire to produce unique works of art that speak to both the student and the world, they develop an emotional love of the arts that will last a lifetime.
We firmly believe that students must continually perform before audiences to improve. The performing arts groups love to perform and regularly produce more than 50 concerts and theatrical productions annually at various venues throughout our community.
The VPA (Visual and Performing Arts) degree program is for students who wish to showcase their talent, mastery, and experience in the arts. It is part of the Study Area Concentration (SAC) program in our Upper School that includes concentrations in Vocal Music, Piano, Theater, Art, Instrumental Music, and Musical Theatre.
There three actives arts societies for students who want to enrich themselves and the world through community service that centers around theatre, visual art and music. We have chapters of the International Thespian Society, the National Art Honor Society and the Tri-M National Music Honor Society, which allow members to participate in local and national conventions that create a spirit of community for our students.

Fine Arts Instructors

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