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At Montverde Academy, gifts from our donors are vital to the life and mission of the school.

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At Montverde Academy, gifts from our donors are vital to the life and mission of the school. Funds raised through the Montverde Fund provide financial support for our capital projects and innovative student programs. Many of the unique and exciting things students experience would not be possible without the generous contributions of our families, community partners and alumni.

The Montverde Fund encompasses all annual giving at Montverde Academy. Whether you give through our Athletic Booster Club, Arts Alliance, 1912 Society, capital campaigns, or other avenues, you’re contributing to the Montverde Fund and helping to make a difference in the life of a student. Donations may be earmarked for certain departments on campus, special areas like financial aid for well-deserving students, or to further our endowment. Most people choose not to restrict their gifts which enables the Academy to pursue projects set forth by the administration.
The Development Office staff is dedicated to advancing the mission and goals of the Academy through our donors. Your gift is the engine that drives inspiration in the classroom, on the field  or on stage for every student. Tuition dollars alone do not cover the cost of a world-class Montverde Academy education, and with your help we can continue to provide the best experience for our students.


List of 9 members.

  • Photo of Kalena Meyers

    Kalena Meyers 

    Director of Events
    407-469-2561 x6002
  • Photo of Virginia Holm

    Virginia Holm 

    Director of Publications and Marketing
    407-469-2561 x6003
  • Photo of Andrea Colby

    Andrea Colby 

    Director of Communications
    407-469-2561 x6005
  • Photo of Tyler Davis

    Tyler Davis 

    Institutional Advancement Data Specialist
    407-469-2561 x6007
  • Photo of Jeff Osterman

    Jeff Osterman 

    Executive Director of Athletic Booster Club
    407-469-2561 x6010
  • Photo of Mary-Kay Rath

    Mary-Kay Rath 

    Executive Director of Arts Alliance
    407-469-2561 x6008
  • Photo of Mark Wright-Ahern

    Mark Wright-Ahern 

    Alumni Relations Coordinator
    407-469-2561 x6009
  • Photo of Michele Kanikovsky

    Michele Kanikovsky 

    Graphic/Production Designer
    407-469-2561 x6006
  • Photo of Kimberly Braden

    Kimberly Braden 

    School Photographer
    407-469-2561 x6011
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