Student Life

Dining Hall

At Montverde Academy we know how important food variety and quality are to the residential life experience. Both boarding and day students enjoy a tasty variety of food prepared in our newly renovated kitchen by talented professionals. Students are treated to fresh food prepared daily. Our menu offers a wide selection of choices and includes dishes from around the world to enhance student learning of our diversity. This program gives students an opportunity to taste a variety of foods that may not be offered at home.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily in the Martha Bedell dining hall; brunch and dinner is offered on weekends. A buffet bar which includes ethnic food along with a full salad bar with fresh fruits, vegetables, cold cuts and soup are offered daily along with delicious freshly prepared meals. The student center is open throughout the day and provides a variety of treats and healthy snacks. 

The dining hall at Montverde Academy is not just a place to eat, but a place to dine with friends, faculty, and staff while learning something new about the world's cuisines!