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Residential & Dorm Life

In addition to being an outstanding college preparatory school, Montverde Academy is a wonderful place to live. Our boarding program provides a secure, caring environment where every student is part of the Montverde community.
Dormitories are a student's home away from home! We have a safe and welcoming community with friendly, experienced on-site dorm parents. Living on campus provides students with structured afternoon and evening programs of group dining, mandatory study halls, fun dorm activities, and on and off campus activities. Dorms have wifi and offer common rooms with television, couches, gaming tables, and microwaves, creating a place where students can relax after their schoolwork is complete.

As well as academic success, students are expected to perform daily dorm chores, including maintaining/cleaning their rooms (making their beds, vacuuming floors, etc.). This instills a sense of responsibility, ownership, and gives them the ability to take pride in their surroundings.

Each boarding student participates in either a year-round competitive athletic team, or an after-school activity. After-school activities take place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. Students have an array of activities to choose from including strength conditioning, general fitness, yoga, tennis lessons, swimming, drama, select choir, and more. Competitive athletic teams require more of a commitment as they may practice Monday–Saturday and travel to neighboring schools for competition.

Upon completion of activities, students go to the Martha Bedell Dining Hall for dinner and the opportunity to socialize with friends. After dinner, students have study hall in their respective dorm. Students who achieve a 3.0 grade point average or higher will have earned honor roll privileges. Students receiving a "C", "D", or an "F" in any class are ineligible for making Honor Roll. These privileges allow students to watch television in the recreation room, use their computer to watch a movie or play a game, make phone calls, or visit with another honor roll student. Those not on the honor roll are expected to be in their room studying. Our goal is to have as many students possible on the honor roll.


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At Montverde Academy, we work hard to provide a structured, caring and family-like atmosphere for our students. We want every one of our students to feel right at home.