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Programming Competition Heats Up in the New Year

Programming Competition Heats Up in the New Year
MVA had a team of students compete in the Florida High School Programming Series competition. After two hours of problem solving the MVA team ranked 17th in a field with 70 different teams from all over Florida. We had threes team comprised of Upper School students that included Gary Finco, Nicholas Knapp, Ridong Lao (Dunkin), Brianna Martin-Litchmore, Hanh Nguyen (Lucy), Dhyey Shah, and Akash Tandon. Most of the members are new to the team this year, so this is a great result.
This was the fourth competition we have participated in this year. At each, MVA has ranked in the top five for solved problems, and the top third for points. Programming competitions are an exercise in this problem solving; think Jeopardy squared. Students are given a series of logical problems to solve. The problems set up a scenario, establish a problem in that setting, and ask the students to write a computer program that solves that problem. The programming teams are given ten or more logic problems of differing levels of difficulty and three hours in which to solve as many as possible. Points are given for the number of questions solved, with bonuses for speed and accuracy. At an average competition, a third of the teams can only manage to solve a single problem, and another third are unable to answer any questions at all.
Congratulations to the students on their hard work and teamwork!