Mills Family Establishes Theatre Conservatory Scholarship

The Mills family has established the W. Daniel Mills Theatre Conservatory Scholarship to provide scholarships for Montverde Academy students enrolled in the Theatre Conservatory to support their passion to pursuing the arts. The scholarship honors and celebrates the memory of Daniel Mills, who tragically passed away in May 2020.
“We’re honored to assist in the fulfillment of students’ dreams,” said Mr. Harold Mills. “It’s exactly what Daniel would have wanted.”
The scholarship was conceived by Vanessa and Maya Mills who, with the support of their parents, Rosy and Harold Mills, established this generous scholarship fund to see diverse artists pursue their passion for the arts and continue to grow at Montverde Academy. The family and the Academy are developing application guidelines and requirements for the program going forward.
“Daniel loved the arts,” said Vanessa Mills. “He made his home on the stage and his family in the cast and crew. Daniel would want nothing more than to see his family achieve their dreams. I’m so glad we’re able to have Daniel live on through Troupe 3977.”
“There’s so much sadness, but it’s amazing how Daniel is leaving behind such a legacy,” said Maya Mills. “Thank you to everyone who is helping us make it happen. It’s all we can do.”
The family was eager to provide support for recipients for the 2020-21 school year and selected inaugural year recipients based on the criteria of demonstrated need, academic achievement and commitment to the arts and Theatre Conservatory program. This year’s recipients of the W. Daniel Mills Theatre Conservatory Scholarship are: Ambria Benjamin, Aiden Bjortvedt, Aidan Corrie, Larissa Foxx, Logan Lopez, and Jordan Rodriguez.
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