HLI Student Retreat

The HLI students are ready to get back to school and participated in a retreat to prepare for 2020-21 school year. Students from seven leadership committees/groups at MVA which are the Arts and Athletics Leadership Committee, the Disciplinary Committee, Eagle Ambassadors, Honor Council, Prefects, Student Government Association, and the Student Leadership Council, spent three days on campus and remotely, for a variety of activities.
The group of students arrived on campus, as well as some participating virtually, on Sunday and kicked off the retreat with dinner at Dr. Kesselring, getting to know each other and setting goals – and getting used to wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Each day, they participated in a variety of community service projects on campus that helped faculty and staff prepare for the opening of school in the morning. Every afternoon was filled with meetings, followed by fun activities such as a friendly competition of a scavenger hunt, movie night, time at the lake and pool when possible, as well as great discussions of what the coming year will hold.
The last day concluded with projects being wrapped up, followed by a brunch and the presentation of jackets and pins to recognize and honor the service that each student is contributing to our MVA community.
“I think the students were positively impacted by the experience and will use the lessons learned as a starting point for their growth as leaders throughout the year,” said Mrs. Margaret Price, Assistant Dean of Students for Multiculturalism, Leadership, and Student Programs. “These students are amazing!  The faculty advisors and I are looking forward to working with them on several projects. We grow as well through our interactions with these student leaders.”
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