Spotlighting Final Projects in Mrs. Vickers' Math Classes

We wanted to share the hard work that our fourth- and fifth-grade students did on their final projects in math. Mrs. Vickers challenged students to show their understanding of the math concepts in engaging and fun projects.
The fourth-grade classes were demonstrating their understanding of area and perimeter by developing race courses. The project integrated multiple elements such as problem solving, collaboration, design, and planning to connect concepts across multiple platforms. Students had to find the total area and perimeter of their chosen obstacles, how much free space, and other math questions to maximize their course. Every obstacle had specific perimeter and area, so the course had to be calculated and planned strategically.
The two-week process had them creating an official name, unique logo and slogan for the race. Students designed a rough draft following the guidelines as they determined the area and perimeter of each item on the race course to ensure requirements were met. The final game board could have any color and details they wanted, but had to incorporate STEM skills by including a map key/legend with 3D obstacles and a complete UP CLOSE and RUNNING THE NUMBERS pages with all calculations.
“I like to assign fun projects that combine teaching and creativity to engage the students,” said Mrs. Vickers. “The students embraced the project and created some engaging game boards that I hope they will enjoy challenging their family and friends to play.”
The fifth-grade students worked on a recipe project where they applied their knowledge of operations with fractions and percents to calculate the ingredient amounts needed to bake cookies. The calculations involved solving problems with addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers as well as finding the percent of a number. Incorrect calculations resulted in cookies that would not taste or look appetizing, so the stakes were high.
“Because of our virtual situation, I wanted to get them up and moving and using math in a real-life application,” said Mrs. Vickers. “The project also tied in their knowledge of measurements and units, especially when differentiating between dry and liquid measures. Parents also participated to ensure ingredients were readily available. As you can see from the pictures, parents and students came through fabulously! Cooking and baking is universal – something everyone at any age can relate to so I thought why not use this as a mathematical opportunity? I’m proud of all of our "Chefs" and missed getting to sample all of their cookies!”