MVA Athletic Honors Program

MVA Athletic Honors Program
The MVA Athletic Honors program recognizes the varsity student-athletes, while recognizing the team and individual accomplishments that is a celebration of their athleticism as well as their character and impact on our community. Take a moment to look at the program to see all of the teams MVA has. You can also watch or re-watch the Athletic Awards Program HERE.
Bailey Johnson, a softball player who will be attending Covenant College in the fall, was presented with the Eagles Choice Award, which is presented to the varsity student-athlete elected via social media, as the fan-picked athlete of the year. Carolina Chaves, a tennis player and head prefect who will be attending Adelphi University in the fall, was voted on by the coaches as the Purple and Gold award recipient. The award is given to the student-athlete, nominated by their peer teammates, who exemplifies the fundamental tenets of MVA including character, knowledge and community. The Warren Delmolino award is presented to the MVA staff member who consistently supports the Athletic Department, attends games, cheers on student-athletes and is a constant, reliable presence was given to Mr. Taran Smith, assistant strength and conditioning coach.
“We are so proud to have been able to coach, teach, and support all of you,” said Mrs. Khrystal Phiri, Director of Athletic Operations. “Thank you for working hard to better your craft and for lending your talents to our school community. The commitment you have shown to build upon your God-given talents and abilities has been amazing. Keep working hard to reach every goal and dream that you have set for yourself because reaching them is always worth the work put in. Thank you to all our coaches and staff who make the Athletics program so successful.”
Indoor Volleyball
MVP - Laura De Chavarria
Eagle Award - Aimee Stemples
Clutch Award - Livia Da Trindade
Girls Cross Country
MVP - Lily Henne
Eagle Award - Brianna Hiers
Clutch Award - Karah White
Boys Cross Country
MVP - Andrew “AJ” Aziz
Eagle Award - Heath Nailos
Clutch Award - Colton Cardwell
Girls Golf
MVP - Ziyan “Terry” Zhuang
Eagle Award - Abigail “Abby” Henne
Clutch Award - Mia Hornberger
Boys Golf
MVP - Nicholas “Nicky” Riscica
Eagle Award - Quinton Barnhill
Clutch Award - Andrew Megler
Eagle Award - Caio Cavarsan
Eagle Award - Guilliana Perez
Clutch Award - Tatiana Brandt-Oliveira
MVP - Tuscany Louys-Moroney
Eagle Award - Amelia Salvatori
Clutch Award - Kennedy Neidig
Junior Varsity Girls Soccer (MIFC)
MVP - Grace Banker
Eagle Award - Gabriella “Gabby” Palanti
Clutch Award - Nicole Shirley
Varsity Girls Soccer (MIFC)
MVP - Vivienne Bessette
Eagle Award - Maria Tregansin
Clutch Award - Jody Brown
Girls Basketball
MVP - Mariana Valenzuela
Eagle Award - Caleigh-Rose West
Clutch Award - Maria Myklebust
To our Spring Sports:
Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come. There are more games to be played and match ups to be won. So until next season – Keep soaring above to make the next one the best one yet!
MVP - Olivia Chestnut
Eagle Award - Bailey Johnson
Clutch Award - Miliani “Yani” Guzman
Varsity Baseball
MVP - Manuel De Garcia
Eagle Award - Salvador Alvarez
Clutch Award - Damaal-Jordan Sands
Girls Track & Field
MVP - Keturah Bulford-Trott
Eagle Award - Madison McMullen
Clutch Award - Avery Morrison
Boys Track & Field
MVP - Weston Baptiste
Eagle Award - Tate Machinski
Clutch Award - Alex Georgiev
Girls Tennis
MVP - Reka Zadori
Eagle Award - Isadora Peterlini
Clutch Award - Michelle Aceves
Boys Tennis
MVP - Eric Oncins
Eagle Award - Olavo Amorim Neto
Clutch Award - Tiago De Felicio
Junior Varsity Lacrosse
MVP - Jackson Eldridge
Eagle Award - Coen Woodland
Clutch Award - Maxwell “Max” Smith
Varsity Lacrosse
MVP - Garrett Hamm and Michael Flores
Eagle Award - Nikolas “Niko” Schmid
Clutch Award - Bradley Peterson
Beach Volleyball
First on the Court - Jennifer Ghivizzani
Eagle Award - Livia Da Trindade
Clutch Award - Laura De Chavarria
Ninth Grade Athletes of the Year
Female – Kara White, Cross County
Male – Brennan Muramatsu, Swimming
Tenth Grade Athletes of the Year
Female – Fernanda Ovalle, Basketball
Male –Salvador Alvarez, Baseball
Eleventh Grade Athletes of the Year
Female – Maria Tregansin, Soccer
Male – Weston Baptiste, Track and Field
Twelfth Grade Athletes of the Year
Female – Jody Brown, Soccer
Male – Eric Oncins, Tennis
Female Sport Coach of the Year – Jaime Oncins
Male Sport Coach of the Year – Guilherme Ferriera