Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy Honors Program

The Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy (SIMA) hosted their annual Honors Program virtually this year. The program honored and celebrated the achievements of the nine soccer teams. Here’s the video and program if you missed it or would like to watch the ceremony again.
“I would like to thank our families who have been so supportive of our mission throughout the year,” said Coach Mike Potema, Head Coach and SIMA Director. “I would also like to thank Dr. Kesselring, our Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff who continue to help and support us during such a challenging and dynamic academic year. I’d also like to thank our SIMA staff, a talented group of people who contribute each and every day and inspire our student-athletes to be the best they can be in all facets of life.”

Eagle Award - Ates Diouf
Most Improved - Lucca Dourado
Coaches Award - Omar Ciss
SIMA Junior
Eagle Award - Ali Fadal
Most Improved - Mizael Santana
Coaches Award - Christoff Malbouef
SIMA Elite
Eagle Award - Caue Novaes
Most Improved - Gustavo Barbosa
Coaches Award - Osmond Chan
SIMA Optimization
Eagle Award - Eduardo Vieira
Most Improved - Higor Brunetta
Coaches Award - Gabriel Correa Pinheiro
SIMA Bayern
Eagle Award - Christian Maciel
Most Improved - Sebastien Ressler
Coaches Award - Harrison Hew
SIMA Madrid
Eagle Award - Max Hartmann
Most Improved - Heitor Previatti
Coaches Award - Noah Alves
SIMA Barcelona
Eagle Award - Peyton Maney
Most Improved - Nikos Diaz
Coaches Award - Evan Gilmet
SIMA Manchester City
Eagle Award - GG Franco
Most Improved - Jake Ferris
Coaches Award - Nicholas Bilski
SIMA Goalkeepers
Eagle Award - Mason Shale
Most Improved - Nicholas Brown
Coaches Award - Aecio da Fonte