Fine Arts Honors Program

The Fine Arts Honors Program was hosted virtually this year. The program honored and celebrated the achievements of the many students studying music, fine art, theatre, and choir. Here’s the video if you missed it or would like to watch the ceremony again. Please take a moment to look at the program to see the many accolades that our talented students have earned.
“I think our Honors Program shows just how remarkable our students and programs are in the Fine Arts Conservatories,” said Mr. Dean Bell, Director of Arts.”Even in a year shortened by almost three months, we still have an awards assembly that lasts over an hour to recognize all of the accomplishments. While it was wonderful to relive the past moments and their successes, it is even brighter for us to have current and future successes to talk about and celebrate. The faculty and students have risen to the challenge of finding new methods to explore and express their Arts during this time, and the fact that we are able to produce an entire “Festival of the Arts” in May, speaks to how committed everyone is to continuing their studies and professional growth. While the face of our landscape may have changed – perhaps for some time to come – we nevertheless remain committed at Montverde Academy to giving our students, and our audiences, the very best Arts experiences available.”
Music Excellence Awards
Yilin (Selina) Xu – Honorable Mention at Music Teacher’s National Association Senior Performance Competition; Finalist in Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras Annual Concerto Competition; Chosen as Member of the National Youth Orchestra China
Yanbo (Frank) Guo – First Place at the Florida State Music Teachers Association District 5 Concerto Competition Senior Division
Dylan Truenow – First Place at the Central Florida Music Teachers Association Sonatina Competition
All-County and All-State Ensemble Awards
Lauren Kiernan – High School Honors Orchestra
Junyu (Apple) Zhou – High School Honors Orchestra
Jason Tejada-Chancay – Middle School Honors Orchestra
Dylan Truenow – All-County Band and TTBB All-State Chorus
Zayna JeBailey – SSAA All-State Chorus
Outstanding Awards in Theatre
Featured Actress – Maya Mills
Featured Actor – Lucas Brown
Supporting Actress – Kaylin Gines
Supporting Actor – Joshua Brown
Best Actress – Peytann Tamasi
Best Actor – Anthony Morehead
Outstanding Technical Theatre – Sara Khan
Outstanding Composition and Music Direction – Aidan Fracker
Outstanding Thespian – Benazir Serna
Senior Award/Senior Graduation/College Acceptance
Yilin (Selina) Xu – University of Texas, Butler School of Music
Zayna JeBailey – University of Miami, Frost School of Music
Ziyan (Terry) Zhuang – Boston College
Akash Tandon – Florida State University
Senior Recognition/Honor Thespians

Tristyn Diller
Judy Hassanein
Valarie Kutemeier
Maya Mills
Benazir Serna
Molly Smith
Hanna Swidler
Peytann Tamasi