Mr. Robinson, School Counselor, Shares Tips to Help Manage Stress

As our school year winds down amid continuing concerns about COVID-19, students and families alike are feeling stressed. From the daily stress of getting everything done to the worry about upcoming exams to concern about what the future holds and more, Mr. Yordin Robinson, MVA Associate Director of College Guidance and School Counselor, created a guide for parents to help students manage stress – check out the guide HERE.
“What I love about my job is the daily interaction with students-every day and each interaction is something new,” said Mr. Robinson, who has been with MVA for nearly five years. “Sometimes, I learn just as much from them as they hopefully do from me.”
Some tips he shares with parents are reminders such as listen to your student, set and keep a routine, be a positive role model, let kids be kids, and more. He also provides a great list of apps, books, and websites that parents can use as resources for very useful information.
“Holding onto stress is like holding a big glass of water in your hand. The weight of the glass is not really important; what’s important is how long you hold the glass (stress). If you hold it for a minute or two, that’s no problem, but if you hold it in your hand for a few hours, you’ll start feeling the effect. The weight of the glass didn’t change, the length of time did. Just like with the glass of water, you have to put down your glass and rest. You can put down your stress by doing a few stress management techniques a day,” said Mr. Robinson.
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