Mrs. Meder’s Fifth-Grade Class Loves Books

Mrs. Saleisha Meder’s fifth grade class is focused on reading comprehension with a book project. Each week, students create a different project based on the book being read. There are a variety of options that include creating a wanted poster depicting one of the story’s characters who didn’t make a good choice, making a diorama that recreates a scene, developing four apps that relate to the story, using the ChatterPix app to share a point of view, drawing a map, and more. Each weekly project demonstrates the student’s comprehension of the story.
“My students are reading chapters books that they have chosen based on their personal interest,” said Mrs. Meder. “Each week, they pick a project to complete based on their book choice. The projects involve reading, writing, art, and/or technology. There are many choices in projects that can be done with directions that they can't do the same type of project twice, they aren't allowed to buy anything and only use what they have at home. Students are then sharing their book projects in our morning meeting each day.
In addition to this project, Mrs. Meder has challenged students to schedule time doing "enrichment" activities. The class is embracing this time to share their passion with their classmates by posting pictures and videos of what their individual enrichment activity is – from practicing ballet, to creating artwork, playing games, making music, and more!
Keep up the great work!