Upper School English Students Consider the Quote

Mrs. Kristine Walsworth’s English classes spent time considering the Albert Einstein quote: "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." She asked students to take a second look at quote and move beyond what might seem like an "anti-school" quote, to ask what is it really saying? Students explained what they thought this quote means, and shared examples of how this quote can apply to their MVA education. Their responses were heartfelt and insightful, demonstrating the lasting impression that MVA has on our students.
“I think that the true value in school and in the education that our parents and teachers start to give us is the values that shape our character when we’re young because that sticks with you for your entire life,” said Diego Berentsen. “The best example of what MVA has given me in my education is the value of respect and culture, simply because of the 90 other nationalities that I somehow spend time with every day. This has shown me that learning from them is something that will stick with me forever.”
Student Ye Chai said, “Education has such a role that even if one forgets all of the knowledge learned in school, the abilities and skills promoted by education will not be lost. Education is to teach a person how to be a human and build character for this person. The experience at MVA gives me a chance to stay with a very diverse group that allows me to know different cultures and different people.”
“Two values that learned at MVA were the sense of respect a community, by living with people from all around the world,” said Ernani Costa Neto. While Caroline Chaves shared, “My MVA education is made up of respect, responsibility, and leadership,” and Savannah Weyrauch said, “. . .because of my MVA education, I know how to learn, how I learn best and how to study that helps into my future.”
Maria Costantini shared, “MVA has taught me A LOT. I know for sure that I will never forget about taking responsibility (about studies and how to take care of myself), being honest no matter what happens and how to be a true leader.”
Marc Kouadio said, “I think that MVA as taught me that diversity is a good way to learn things and change how you think about people. I kind of came out of my nest here and became more relaxed and confident about my English and communication with other people in general.” Jackson Tyler shared, “I’ve learned how to manage my time because I’m here without my family and I’m more independent,” said Jackson Tyler. “Being an independent, trustworthy student and person is what I’ve tried to become.”
“I remember Mr. Walsworth shared a video that said the point of success is like a peak of mountain, if you want to be successful you have to get there,” said Yan (Alex) Xu. “I think teachers and educators can show you how to get there in the shortest amount of time, however if you have a vision already, you can achieve this too.”
Zayna Je Bailey said, “I think this is saying that education isn't the information you learned or memorized, it's the lessons you learned and applied to your life. It is all of the lessons, mentors and friends you never forget . . . the important stuff you use in life and pass on to others. . . I have gotten more out of helping others and watching them grow than I ever could have thought.”
“Einstein emphasizes the true meaning of education which is, learning is not simply the acquisition of knowledge,” said Lucca Dourado. “While at school, we learn the subjects and how to live next to people from all around the world, learning to respect different cultures, different habits – that is something I’m sure we will never forget. We have people here, our teachers or other students that we are inspired by.”