Studying History in Mrs. Fagan’s Seventh-Grade Class

Students in Mrs. Fagan’s seventh-grade history class continue learning with discussions and investigations of the Age of Reform and Industrialization. As a project, they planned and created a variety of products to highlight their command of the content, unique talents and skills as professional historians. They created some detailed, well-presented projects.
In their studies, they learned how the Age of Reform and the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century brought sweeping changes to American society. The young historians worked collaboratively to discuss, deconstruct and pull evidence from primary and secondary sources to reveal the lasting impact of these dynamic historical events. Before creating a choice or performance task, the students organized and interacted with the new content in their interactive notebooks.
“The American history course for the seventh-grade is skills driven,” said Mrs. Fagan. “The course content is used as a vehicle to coach and elevate a wide array of skills that will support the student’s success in any academic discipline. I love that each student’s product highlights how much knowledge they have gained, but it also showcases the evolution of their skills and individual talents.”
Students shared their feedback about the project:
“In Mrs. Fagan’s history class, you use perspective, research, and your own knowledge,” said Rilea Smith. “Everything she has taught us has helped, not only in history but in other classes, because her help of finding research as historians she helped me locate research on information I need for my English project.”
“The most important skill that I have learned from Mrs. Fagan’s class is to delve deeper into your thought process,” said Christopher Dinmore. “To look at different situations or sources with a new perspective that will change the entire show of life and how it once was.”
“Mrs. Fagan's class has taught me many important skills, and one of them that has really helped me is how to properly analyze a source,” said Zoha Bajwa. “Her formula aided me in figuring out material in her own class easily, and in a variety of other subjects. She taught me how to make proper inferences and look for things that might help me figure out the problem.”
“There are many skills in which I'm taking away from Mrs. Fagan's history class, all of which are extremely helpful and beneficial to my curriculum and learning,” said Joao Pedro Fortes Ribero. “For instance, we are asked almost every single day to deconstruct historical sources and make inferences on what went down in that period of history. We scrutinize details while we're at it to help us better understand the lesson, and have organized our ledgers in a way that adds to our learning. It's all very engaging and helpful.”
Keep up the great work!