Still Moving with Physical Education!

The Lower and Middle School physical education team of Coach Kelly Golden and Coach Caitlin Griffis, are using a variety of sources to keep students moving!
Coach Golden is sharing YouTube links of dances and exercises to get the Lower School students moving and comfortable with watching a screen. There is also a personal trainer who is sharing a workout every day for students. Coach has incorporated some “old school” games to help parents who may be running low on things to do that included simple ideas like homemade bowling, hopscotch, balance beam, tape jumping, obstacle course, balloon games, and more.
“I have gotten great pictures and videos of students enjoying egg and spoon races, hopscotch and obstacles courses,” said Coach Golden. “I plan to incorporate sidewalk chalk games and visit the Zoom classes with the teachers to stay connected. It’s important for students to keep moving, it helps students release their energy, stay focused and reduces anxiety.
Coach Griffis has Middle School students staying active by doing workout videos together. Teenagers can already be attracted to electronics, whether it’s a cell phone, video games or tablets, and they need time to be active. For some days, students are enjoying relaxing but challenging yoga, while other days incorporate dance workout videos and low impact workouts that don’t require any weights or equipment. Students are encouraged and have led the workout of the day too, such as Tatriana Hinds, who had everyone incorporated their favorite stuff friend into the activity!
“We meet each day virtually so we can still stay connected to each other and be active,” said Coach Griffis. “Some teens won’t be active unless they are required to be, so I’m glad we are continuing classes to be active at least for 30 minutes each day. It’s been interesting, but we are making it and I’m trying to keep them as active as I possibly can!
Remember to keep moving and schedule time to be active every day!