Caps and Gowns Bring Smiles to Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten Caps and Gowns Bring Smiles
Mrs. Melody Sinopoli and Mrs. Heidi Shirley’s kindergarten classes were excited to receive their caps and gowns yesterday! To honor MVA’s tradition of the celebrating the completion of the kindergarten year and the moving up to first grade, parents and children drove through the Lower School circle where Mrs. Sinopoli and Mrs. Shirley, assisted by Mrs. Kathy Irizarry and Mrs. Sheila DeLong, distributed the caps and gowns.
Most of the class was able to drive by. Smiling faces and big waves were enjoyed by the teachers and families alike.
“I enjoyed seeing my sweet students and hearing them share stories about life,” said Mrs. Shirley. “I have missed being with them in person and cherished the short time we spent together so much.”
“I was elated, beyond excited to see my students,” said Mrs. Sinopoli. “It was nice to just be able to tell my students and parents that they are doing a great job. They are all working so hard. I couldn’t stop smiling once I got home.”
“Yesterday was a day full of emotions,” said Mrs. Irizarry. “It was an amazing day to see and tell them in person how much we love and miss them. And to share with parents what an amazing job they are doing as well. We are a strong community that works together through hard situations to make thing better, especially for our kids.”
Congratulations kindergarten students!
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