Tennis Training Goes Virtual

Our tennis team has continued to train with a reimagined schedule and different delivery methods to maintain their momentum. Coaches have shared a peek at their schedule and training that their student-athletes have been following.
On a daily basis there are check-in meetings with student-athletes. While on a weekly basis there is a routine that includes a video project where that the team reviews and analyzes a tennis video and presents their findings of tactical and mental aspect of the game shown as a group during the week.
A guest speaker is hosted on weekly and student-athletes are able to engage and ask questions. The first guest speaker was Luisa Stefani, a professional player currently ranked #46 in the Doubles WTA Tour. She played tennis for Pepperdine University, formerly ranked in the Top 10 ITF junior’s player, earned a bronze medal in the women’s doubles in the 2019 Lima PanAm games, and is a member of the Brazilian FedCup team. During her conversation with students, she described the many transitions in her career; from moving from Brazil at age 14 to play and study in the U.S., she graduated high school, played at Pepperdine University on a full ride to eventually turn pro.
Another featured guest speaker was Joey Johnson, a mental coach and author of “Worthy to Win,” a self-help training book focused on developing individual potential. He began playing tennis at Ole Miss University, played ATP men’s pro tour competitor, and served as coach for the BYU women’s tennis team.
In addition to video analysis and guest speakers, the student-athletes have been following the fitness program Coach Tim Crowley, head strength and conditioning coach, established to ensure they are improving strength and conditioning skills. They have also been engaging in tennis drills using a racket, a tennis ball and a wall. The coaches share their tennis drills with athletes. Once the students receive their instructional video, they record themselves doing the drills and send them back to their coaches for further analysis.
Keep up the great work!