Upper School Students Reporting Remotely as Field Journalists

Ms. Diane Robertson’s journalism class is comprised of students from all over the world. Journalism is a form of writing that tells people about events that have occurred in an unbiased and factual manner. The students are studying the principles of journalism including: writing interesting stories, conducting interviews, researching and fact checking, using ethics in journalism, and more. What better way to put those skills into action than reporting from the field during a crisis?
Since many of the Journalism students are spread throughout the world, students have embraced their role as field journalists. They are reporting on what is happening in and around their communities using the techniques they have been studying all year. Ms. Robertson has given the students assignments to choose from which are: provide an update on your home community or country, interview someone in your community, share positive things happening in your community, send positive messages to classmates, or create a video log about your experience.
“With these assignments, students are practicing reporting skills, gathering information, organizing a report, and communicating clearly while on camera,” said Ms. Robertson. “We are using technology in a variety of ways starting with phones and iPads to record and edit a video and then uploading the report to FlipGrid, an app that allows students to share their work with their peers who can leave positive comments and encourage each other. Students are creating awesome videos as they cover the ‘story’ from different countries. As students are physically apart, they are enjoying feeling connected to their friends through the use of technology.”
Please take a moment to check out some of the students’ work! Here is Rafael Guimaraes’s FlipGrid video, and Lucas Moser’s videos; they are reporting from Brazil. Here are Mariana Valenzuela Medina in Mexico,  and Diego Berentsen, also from Mexico.
We look forward to more reports!