Second Grade Goes “Wild” for Research Project

The second-grade classes of Mrs. Jodi McDaniel and Mr. Joe Dinmore went wild over their Animal Research project! According to Mrs. McDaniel the project evolved following a Social Studies assignment requiring students to research different flags online. Students enjoyed the activity so much that they asked to do “research” in their free time. The class had been studying nonfiction text and its features in writing, so adding another research project was perfect.
Upon learning that students wouldn’t be returning to school after spring break, the teachers quickly decided to have each student pick a nonfiction book about an animal of their choice from the library, and sent the book home. The guidelines they followed were to include: the title and topic of the book, a second resource used for information (website, another book, article), five facts about the animal, and at least one diagram or illustration about the animal.
“Students were SO excited about this project and it’s plain to see in the pictures,” said Mrs. McDaniel. “They loved to be able to demonstrate their individual creativity using their personal strengths. We received end projects in a variety of forms: posters, written, PowerPoints, videos, dioramas, and more. Mr. Dinmore and I then conducted Zoom meetings with each student individually to provide them with feedback.”
When asked if they would be interested in completing another project of this type, the class responded with a resounding “Yes!” We’ll look forward to seeing their work!