Sports Performance for an Integrated Approach to Training

Tim Crowley, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
MVA’s athletic trainers, and the strength and conditioning staffs work collaboratively to best facilitate peak performance and enhance physical training for our student-athletes. By combining both Athletic Training, and Strength & Conditioning into Sports Performance (SP), a more encompassing term frequently used by collegiate and professional sports organizations, we can better serve MVA’s student-athletes. Our goal is to use our current resources to further develop our athletic programs, build healthier, more resilient student-athletes and to assist the Montverde Academy community as a whole. During this time of social distancing, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page: Montverde Academy Sports Performance, for access to a variety of resources of videos, tracking tools, suggested workouts, stretches, and more for student-athletes to keep their training on track.
One key element of Sports Performance is to better integrate proactive approaches to health and safety into the training of teams to help reduce injuries, improve overall health and decrease missed days of training and competition. Some areas of focus include, heat acclimation training; early season conditioning (first six to eight weeks of school year); assistance in planning conditioning and speed training curriculums, and student-athlete education in areas of sleep, nutrition and recovery sciences.
While we aren’t able to be on campus in the gym or weight room, there are a wide variety of resources available to student-athletes, and our broader MVA community, to ensure that everyone stays healthy and fit!
Here are 3 tips to boost health and immunity:
  1. Exercise Daily– This is essential to keeping your immune system at a high level. Get outside if you can to improve both physical and mental health.
  2. Get Enough Sleep – Develop good sleep habits by being consistent in going to bed, waking up at the same time daily and creating a large sleep debt.
  3. Develop Good Eating Habits – Resist the temptation to overeat if you are stuck at home. Include plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system.
Be sure to check in and follow us on Facebook at Montverde Academy Sports Performance as a resource to stay active and healthy!