Middle School Spanish está muy bien!

Middle School Spanish students are doing very well! They are continuing to work toward the national Spanish exam, and Ms. Salazar is engaging her students through interactive lessons to cover the work and engage with questions. Students respond and interact with each other throughout the lesson. The national exam is a good indicator of all that has been learned during the year.
“This experience has led me to learn more and connect with students in a completely new way,” said Ms. Claudia Salazar, Middle School Spanish teacher. “I’m not great with technology and my students know that and help me navigate this process. I may not know it well, but I’m not a quitter – I’m embracing the challenge and my students have been great in helping me along. This week, I’m more comfortable with it all and it’s showing in the way that the class is excited and engaged.”
Through the use of technology, students can work on vocabulary through instruction and homework consisting of writing unfamiliar words, their meaning in English and creating a sentence in Spanish using that word correctly. Ms. Salazar has incorporated the use of Kahoot, an online game, to practice using these words in a friendly competition. Students get excited about using Kahoot, and embrace the challenges to test their knowledge. They encourage and joke with each other during each round of competition.
“I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to play Kahoot from home, and I was happy that it did, because the students were engaged and gave their 100% participation. After we played the game, they proceeded with quizzing on the grammar part. They did extremely well. I hope and pray that we can take the real exam sometime before the end of the school year so they can see how far they’ve come.”
Keep up the great work!