Acknowledging MVA’s “Night for the Cure” Event

By Pavlos Tentomas, sophomore
Humanity is, as we speak, struggling to navigate through a time of uncertainty and disarray. As a result of the response to COVID-19, our annual Night for The Cure (NFC) fundraising event has been postponed and we will be unable share the beautiful evening we had planned with our supporters. While the event will not take place tonight as planned, we, as the NFC team, will continue to fight for and support those struggling with cancer.
I would encourage our community to remember that our NFC event unites us for a common goal: to further our enduring vision of putting an end to cancer and to form a community of selfless excellence. What began as a small community event to honor cancer survivors, those combating the disease, and families affected by cancer, through the years, has grown into a large event featuring heart-felt ceremonies, a group lap around the track, music, sponsored booths to raise funds, fellowship, and more. The proceeds are donated to organizations that help support South Lake County families affected by cancer including Cornerstone Hospice, Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation, and the University of Florida Shands Cancer Hospital. This goal ultimately unifies us all beyond physical face-to-face interaction and brings out the best in our characters.
Our NFC team was comprised of teachers and staff including: Mrs. Kristine Walsworth, Mr. John Weaver and Mr. Kenneth Plackowski; and students Matthew Karen, Sofia Bilski, Katherine Chen, Jaida Forbes, Alia Rodriguez, and myself. We can confirm with certainty how great of a time we had planning the event. A great deal of effort and energy was put forth by the NFC team to plan and successfully execute this event that brings together hundreds of people who enforce and drive our mission.
If this time of COVID-19 persists and we are unable to reschedule the event, we will be determined to bring forth an even better event next year for all our dedicated donors and supporters.
A special thanks to our Angel Package Sponsors: the Bilski family, the Brauman family, the Clapper family, Jennifer and Scott Cunningham, Chris and Candace Dietrich, Jesse Domeracki, Doug and Amy Dunham, the Flanigan family, the Forbes family, Guendalina Gonzalez, Ginny Holm, Eileen and George Jodeksnis, Karen Johnson, the Karen family, the Kesselring family, Ashley Kesselring, Marc and Sylvana Kristel, Nancy Lafferty, Rafael A. Ortiz Graulau, the Morehead family, the Paulsen family, the Pinto family, the Potempa family, the Provenzano family, Dr. David Rath, the Saranita family, the Schwartz family, the Tentomas family, the Tsolakis family, the Walsworth family, and the Weaver family.
A special thanks to our Corporate Sponsors: Animal Clinic of Leesburg, Becker Funeral Home, Clermont Brewing Company, Cornerstone Hospice Foundation, 4 Corners Insurance, Happy Grins Pediatric Dentistry, and Umbrella Buses, Inc.

The NFC team shares our gratitude to all of the supporting families and corporations who brought our enduring vision further. Thank you to all those involved in planning this event, your hard work and dedication is appreciated.