Virtual Classes to Commence on March 23

Given the uncertain trajectory of the coronavirus and our desire to support public health efforts to contain its spread, we have decided to delay the opening of campus following spring vacation until Tuesday, April 14, and instead commence the delivery of virtual academia on Monday, March 23. Meanwhile, all healthy, asymptomatic faculty members will report to work as planned on March 23 and will commence with virtual learning options through at least Friday, April 10.
In addition to suspending all on-campus activities until April 12, we have suspended all school-sponsored travel and events on campus until at least that date. We hope these modifications to our operating procedures will safeguard our community and contribute to public health efforts.
We provisionally plan to commence our normal program on Tuesday, April 14 and hope to open campus for boarding students who did not remain on the campus on Saturday, April 11. However, the COVID-19 situation remains very fluid, so we will cont­­­­inue to closely monitor and act proportionately in response to future changes and/or in response to the advice of local, state and federal health and governmental agencies, adjusting our plans or extending the period of remote learning as needed. We will certainly continue to keep you updated with any modifications or other helpful information.
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