MVA Theatre Department Students Enjoy Success in Thespian Competition

Dean Bell
The MVA Theatre Department recently competed in the Florida District XII Thespian competition. Students who competed prepared individual, duet, small group and large group numbers to be evaluated by adjudicators. Thirty-five students competed for both ratings and the chance to receive a “Critic’s Choice” nod. Superior ratings earn an opportunity to advance to the state competition in Tampa in March. Critic’s Choice awards also earn that opportunity as well as the chance to perform at the closing District Showcase. This year, MVA took home six Critic’s Choice awards, nine Critic’s Choice Honorable Mention awards, 35 Superior ratings and 11 Excellent ratings, along with a host of special awards.
Along with the individual events, the entire Troupe 3977 collaborated to present an original adaptation of Euripides’ “Medea,” which was particularly well-received by the adjudicators. For the third consecutive year, our One-Act will advance to competition at the State level – joining our Mainstage production of “The Glass Menagerie.”
The complete list of awards follows. Please take a moment to congratulate these students on their efforts – they have all worked very hard to be the best at what they do.
Also, my heartfelt thanks to Roberta, Kathy and Becca for the untiring efforts they bring which make not only these results possible, but included the unbelievable task of hosting the Festival for two days here at MVA and welcoming some 800 students onto our campus and our theatre.
Thank you for your continued support of the great things happening in the Arts at MVA!
Critic’s Choice
  • Large Group – “We Both Reached for the Gun” (Ashton Appadu, Sydney Barker, Josh Brown, Lucas Brown, Aidan Corrie, Isabella Crider, Caiti Fallon, Aidan Fracker, Kaylin Gines, Logan Lopez, Maya Mills, Anthony Morehead, Molly Smith, Peytann Tamasi)
  • Small Group – “Leave Luanne” (Ashton Appadu, Josh Brown, Caiti Fallon, Anthony Morehead, Elianys Negron, CJ Rosado, Hanna Swidler)
  • Solo Musical – “It’s Hard to Speak My Heart” (Aidan Fracker)
  • Student Directed – “Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike” (Caiti Fallon) (Actors: Anthony Morehead, Hanna Swidler)
  • Ensemble Acting – “A Raisin in the Sun” (Ambria Benjamin, Maya Mills, Peytann Tamasi)
  • Makeup Design – “Sweeney Todd” (Valarie Kutemeier)
Critic’s Choice Honorable Mention
  • Costume Design – “Lysistrata” (Isabella Crider)
  • Playwriting – “The Doll” (Molly Smith)
  • Duet Musical – “Dance With You” (Sydney Barker, Benazir Serna)
  • Monologue (Isabella Crider)
  • Ensemble Acting – “Clue” (Sydney Barker, Aiden Bjortvedt, Caiti Fallon, Larissa Foxx, Daniel Mills, Anthony Morehead, CJ Rosado)
  • Publicity Design – “American Idiot” (Tristyn Diller)
  • Solo Musical – “Finishing the Hat” (Anthony Morehead)
  • Solo Musical – “When the Music Played” (Kaylin Gines)
  • Duet Musical – “Willow” (Ambria Benjamin, Kaylin Gines)
Superior Ratings
  • Student Directed Scene – “Moon Over Buffalo” (Larissa Foxx) (Actors:  Ambria Benjamin, Aiden Bjortvedt, Larissa Foxx, Aidan Fracker, Kaylin Gines)
  • Publicity Design – “American Idiot” (Daniel Mills)
  • Duet Musical – “Telephone Wire” (Lucas Brown, Judy Hassanein)
  • Monologue (Ambria Benjamin)
  • Costume Design – “American Idiot” (Larissa Foxx)
  • Scene Design – “As You Like It” (Valarie Kutemeier)
  • Duet Musical – “Fine” (Aidan Corrie, Peytann Tamasi)
  • Small Group – “Tangled Up” (Aiden Bjortvedt, Kaylin Gines, Logan Lopez, Maya Mills, Daniel Mills, Alia Rodriguez, Peytann Tamasi)
  • Solo Musical – “Daddy’s Son” (Ambria Benjamin)
  • Makeup Design – “Lysistrata” (Belle France)
  • Solo Musical – “The Games I Play” (Aidan Corrie)
  • Duet Acting – “Almost Maine” (CJ Rosado, Ashton Appadu)
  • Duet Musical – “What You Mean to Me” (Lexy Cazenave, Logan Lopez)
  • Scene Design – “She Kills Monsters” (Jordan Rodriguez)
  • Duet Musical – “All I’ve Ever Known” (Aidan Fracker, Maya Mills)
  • Solo Musical – “Michael in the Bathroom” (Daniel Mills)
  • Duet Acting – “The Farnsworth Invention” (Aiden Bjortvedt, Aidan Fracker)
  • Duet Acting – “Angels in America” (Judy Hassanein, Josh Brown)
Excellent Ratings
  • Monologue (Belle France)
  • Publicity Design – “She Kills Monsters” (Ethan Kaufman)
  • Costume Design – “She Kills Monsters” (Cynthia Lu)
  • Costume Design – “Sweeney Todd” (Isabella Salvatori)
  • Monologue (Ava Zappaterrini)
  • Scene Design – “Sweeney Todd” (Ethan Kaufman)
  • Scene Design – “Moon Over Buffalo” (Isabella Salvatori)
  • Publicity Design – “Sweeney Todd” (Cynthia Lu)
  • Duet Acting – “Of Mice and Men” (Lucas Brown, Hanna Swidler)
  • Scene Design – “Moon Over Buffalo” (Cynthia Lu)
  • Monologue (Lucy Hartmann)
One Act Awards
  • All-Star Cast – Caiti Fallon
  • All-Star Crew – Aidan Fracker
  • Superior Rating (one point from perfect score)Medea” (third consecutive year advancing to State)
  • Superior Rating – Tech (third consecutive year)
  • Outstanding Program Design
  • Outstanding Lighting Design (third consecutive year)
  • Outstanding Sound Design (third consecutive year)
  • Outstanding Stage Manager
  • Outstanding Technical Crew (third consecutive year)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor – Anthony Morehead (second consecutive year)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress – Bella Crider (third consecutive year)
  • Outstanding Ensemble
Special Awards
  • District 12 Performance Representative to State – Large Group Musical “We Both Reached for the Gun”
  • Anthony Morehead – Charlie Cinnamon FTA $1000 Scholarship