S’mores Galore at Senior Bonfire Event

William Rath
On Thursday, November 21, the seniors of Montverde Academy got together with a Senior Bonfire to celebrate their last year at the school. Bonfires have a way of bringing people closer together, and the bonfire that went on at MVA certainly did. There are many events that go on around the year for seniors, but this one is very special.
When students arrived at the event Thursday night, they probably did not know how much fun they were going to have. However, when they made their way to the center of campus, they got more excited. There were several bonfires scattered across the campus grounds, and students rushed to get beside them, on the unusually chilly Florida November night. They found microphones in the front of a huge circle, and then the fun truly began.
Seniors performed singing impromptu in front of their fellow classmates, with quite a few brave students deciding to try it. Students Molly Smith and Felipe Rodriguez sang and played the guitar in front of a very happy crowd, and impressing the audience with the way they performed. They were not the only students who stepped up to the mic, Jean-Francois (Armani) Grimaud and other students also sang in front of an enthusiastic crowd.
A bonfire is not a bonfire without smores, lots and lots of smores! The students grabbed prongs next to the fire, and placed deliciously gooey marshmallows onto them and put them above the crackling fire. When the marshmallows were cooked to perfection, delicious smores were made, washed down with a delicious cup of hot chocolate.
The students were not the only ones that joined in on the fun. The Dean of Students office and teachers all enjoyed the festivities, and were pleased to attend. Everyone was in good spirits at the bonfire, and it really brought the students closer together.
The best part of the night was not only the amazing festivities, it was the number of seniors who participated in the event. Many student events are well attended, but this was a unique opportunity for boarding and day students to all participate. Day and boarding students, student-athletes and student-performers attended the bonfire! Everyone bonded and though the seniors will graduate in a few short months, they have made memories that will last a lifetime at Montverde Academy.