Students Delve into their Craft with Master Class in Music

Music Conservatory students had the exciting opportunity to work with distinguished Musicians, during a Master Class. In a class of this format, students perform and then receive instruction in a group setting.  The audience benefits from the instruction and can then apply it to their practice. Dr. Rose Grace, a pianist, vocal coach and Associate Professor of Music at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona, Fla., and Dr. Eda Shylam, a distinguished Russian-born concert pianist and Professor Emeritus at Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Mass., spent time with MVA students recently.
During the class, Dr. Grace and Dr. Shylam encouraged students to use their imaginations to communicate their music and provided great practical advice on how to improve their pieces. Dr. Shylam worked with the piano trio, comprised of student musicians Mariana Alvarez, Frank Guo and Selina Xu, while Tori Muntan and Kaitlin Bennett, Music Conservatory vocal students, worked with Dr. Grace on vocal solos they are preparing for an upcoming Solo and Ensemble contest.
The class also featured student performances that were outstanding. The violin duet was performed by Megan Lindberg and Tatiana Pinto, and Frank Guo and Elise Biniak each performed solos on piano.
A highlight of the day was a performance by the duo of Dr. Grace and Dr. Shylam that featured the works of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart, Allegro Brillante by Mendelssohn, and a work called Water-Lore by Contemporary composer Philip Wharton. Every student was in awe when they listened to their incredible performances
There was also an impromptu small group discussion with the duo, who spoke to Conservatory piano students for almost an hour! This afternoon was one that the students will long remember.