Teacher Feature – Ms. Alissa Svedberg

Written by William Rath
Montverde Academy has many teachers from many parts of the United States. Ms. Alissa Svedberg, a Marine Biology and Biology Upper School teacher, has had a very successful start to her first year at Montverde Academy.
Ms. Svedberg grew up in the Mid-West, living in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. She graduated from high school in Iowa, and earned her Master’s degree in Marine Biology at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. She returned to Wisconsin to attend Western Governors University and earn a Bachelor’s degree in education.
Her path to Montverde Academy is a bit different than most teachers. While attending Nova, her friends, some who are MVA alumni, talked about what an amazing school MVA is. She eventually visited MVA, and met Headmaster Dr. Kesselring, who told her about the open position. From that point on, Ms. Svedberg set her goal to teach here.
MVA is her first teaching position. “I chose to start teaching science because my dad’s side of the family has always taught, so I wanted to continue that tradition. I have always loved science, even as a kid so it was a perfect fit for me teach the subject as it’s something I am passionate about.”
As a teacher, Ms. Svedberg engages her classes in interactive lessons and lab activities such as an egg dissection. This experiment allows students to find the different solutions that are found in an egg. Activities like these and her sincere enthusiasm for teaching are why students love Ms. Svedberg as a teacher.
Welcome Ms. Svedberg!