College Guidance Hosts a Wellness Wednesday

Yordin Robinson
Thank you so much for those who attended, and/or encouraged students to attend the first Wellness Wednesday! During College Guidance’s presentation, they talked about diaphragmatic breathing and how it can help with coping, in addition to other positive ways to use coping skills.
Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly breathing, is done by contracting your diaphragm muscle allowing the full exchange of oxygen in the body. Diaphragmatic breathing can help with relaxing, lowering heart rate, strengthening the core, and much more. The beauty of diaphragmatic breathing is that it can be done anywhere to increase calmness in stressful situations. Breathe in through your nose, intentionally allowing your stomach to expand, while your chest remains relatively still. Then exhaling through the mouth as the stomach deflates. The flexibility of the exercise makes it a very useful and easy coping skill that accomplishes the goal of lowering stress quickly.
Students also made glitter water bottles which can assist in the practice of relaxation and the use of belly breathing. As students go through this quarter, please encourage them to incorporate belly breathing during their daily activities. A little tidbit: It might be helpful to do a two-minute breathing session before tests, quizzes, exams, etc., as time permits. For teachers who were able to attend and have a glitter bottle, feel free to keep it in the classroom where students may access it if they need to.
Once again, thank you so much for helping to promote and raise awareness to wellness. The next Wellness Wednesday will be hosted in January, and College Guidance hopes to see you there.