Students Enjoy Senior Talk Tuesday

Mark Wright-Ahern
What is Senior Talk Tuesday? Senior Talk Tuesday was created by the Alumni Office to cultivate relationships with current seniors to build a lifelong association between MVA, graduates and their families. On designated Tuesdays, seniors join Mark Wright-Ahern, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at a table in the Dining Hall for lunch. During our discussions, students talk about different topics and help generate ideas for class reunions, events and networking opportunities.
“As our seniors become graduates and move into the next phase of life, we want them to continue to be engaged with MVA as alumni,” said Mr. Wright-Ahern. “We talk about the importance and impact that MVA has had on their education as they pursue college and careers. As students build long-lasting relationships with peers, teachers, coaches, and staff, it is the Alumni Association that will keep the communication flowing between the Academy and alumni. Senior Talk Tuesday events start that conversation.”
We are happy to have kicked off this initiative with our first group, who gave their input and ideas. The group enjoyed eating brownies and ice-cream – yes they got dessert! Senior Talk Tuesdays will continue throughout the year. Students may contact to sign up.