Third Grade Gardening Club Gets Garden Growing

William Rath
Montverde Academy has many amazing clubs that students can join. One of the after-school programs students can participate in is the Third Grade Garden Club. The Garden Club began a new year of gardening to offer a unique opportunity for students to actively grow plants for their school. The club has 20 students who work on a community garden that is located behind the Lower School. They have many plants that are already starting to grow. In addition to the Gardening Club, third grade students also participate in the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Growing contest with the winner earning a $1,000 college scholarship!
"The Third Grade began the new season of the Garden Club,” said Mrs. Pat-Kroll Whiffen, Lower School Science teacher and club sponsor. “We had a great time taking off the summer tarps, removing the painted stones, pulling weeds, raking the old soil, and enriching it with fertilizer."
Throughout the school year, the club will create a Three Sisters garden, which is a garden that consists of beans, corn and squash. This garden is important to create because fourth graders study the Native Americans, and providing essential crops for Native Americans. In addition, other plants like peppermint, basil, rosemary, potatoes, beans, several varieties of lettuce, peppers, and celery are also grown. There will also be a Diversity Garden that features vegetables from different countries, such as Parisienne carrots, bok choy and pink Chinese celery, cilantro from Mexico, and sugar rush peach peppers from Wales. Students learn about growing plants according to seasons and are responsible for checking for insects, watering and weeding every week.
The Garden Club is a unique club that provides students with the opportunity to be part of a fascinating club that encourages a love of science and agriculture through gardening.
"Students benefit from the hands-on experience of digging, planting, caring, and harvesting the crops. They truly get the Farm to Table experience and take great pride in what they grow. They also enjoy sampling the vegetables and herbs that grow in their garden – often trying and liking new foods. It’s a perfect way to have students learn while enjoying fun activities."
The Lower School Garden Club is an amazing club that our third-grade students enjoy!