Applause Award Nominations Earned for “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

The MVA Theatre Department is thrilled to have their amazing production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” nominated for twenty-two (22) Applause Awards.
Nominations were received for:
* Outstanding Musical
* Outstanding Ensemble
* Outstanding Technical Achievement
* Lead Performers: Aidan Fracker, Daniel Mills, Anthony Morehead
* Supporting Performers: CJ Rosado, Benazir Serna, Aiden Bjortvedt
* Acting Performers: Daniel Mills, Isabella Crider
* Vocal Performers: Peytann Tamasi, Anthony Morehead
* Dance Performer: Caiti Fallon
* Honorable Mention in Performance: Benazir Serna, Kaylin Gines
* Director: Roberta Emerson
* Musical Director: Dean Bell
* Stage Manager: Valarie Kutemeier
* Set Designers: Kathy Wiebe-LaPlante, Roberta Emerson, Gary Castler
* Sound Designer: Cynthia Lu
* Costume Designer: AJ Garcia

Congratulations to everyone!!