New Dining Hall Offerings Are Crowd Pleasers

Mr. Greg Himes, Dining Hall Manager, joined MVA earlier this year and has been making some changes to the culinary experience for diners, adding new items and providing healthier choices. Lower School students enjoy a broader menu, while Middle and Upper School students can now choose between two different entrees in the Purple and Gold lines at lunch. The options to visit the Passport Café, which serves pasta and rice as well as a unique hot dish daily, or the garden/deli bar are still available, but have been upgraded as well.
The dining hall feeds all of our 1,300+ students as well as faculty/staff members for lunch efficiently and courteously. Mr. Himes has a staff of 23 team members who ensure food is cooked, stocked and served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The two lines offer entreés of “street fare” and “vogue cuisine” along with traditional favorites. Between the lines will soon be a new Induction Range that offers a fresh, exhibition-style cookery with four induction woks to whip up a wide variety of delectable veggies.
“Our main objective is to have a food court atmosphere similar to what you see at a shopping mall,” said Mr. Himes. “We upgraded our deli designs, garden gourmet and Passport Café with new menus weekly to emphasize HEALTHY selections. We have changed our methods to batch cook items, so we cook less more often to provide much fresher food that ultimately tastes better and is cooked with without trans-fat to be healthier.”
Reaction to the new menu options has been overwhelmingly positive with comments from students including: “I really like the new selections.” “The food tastes great!” “I loved the wings.” “Having two different options in the lines is nice.” “I look forward to seeing what’s on the menu each day.”
The weekly dining hall menu is available online. Keep up the great work Mr. Himes and dining hall team!