Community Music School Ready for New Year

Montverde Academy offers a very special program designed for beginners of all ages that is nestled within the numerous Fine Arts opportunities, called the Community Music School (CMS). It is an avenue for students to pursue their interest in piano, strings or voice, conveniently located on campus in our performing arts facilities.
Private instruction is provided and individualized by talented, highly-qualified adult instructors. For many of our students, participation in CMS has led to becoming very involved in the arts. “My after school piano lessons have given me the tools that I need to create the music that I want to make,” said Colby Helms, a ninth grader, longtime CMS participant and musician/songwriter. “I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn piano with the school and hope that I can keep opening new doors with the skills I have acquired from my lessons.”  
Lessons are available after school between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Half hour lessons are scheduled once per week at a cost of $130 per month, which is significantly less than what many of the area music schools charge for lessons. Piano lessons are available to students from first through twelfth grade, and voice lessons can begin in fourth grade. Students have an opportunity to work at levels ranging from no experience all the way to advanced levels.
The culmination of the year’s study is our annual Community Music School Recital held in May. “Whether students are gauging their interest, growing their passion, or looking for extra study to help them eventually audition for one of the Conservatories, the Community Music School is a great place for them to expand their skill in their Art,” said Dean Bell, Director of Arts.
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