Seniors Get Started on College Application Essays in Workshop

The blank page can be intimidating, especially when you must write a compelling essay to make you stand out from others in the college application process. To help seniors confidently prepare for this process, College Guidance hosted a College Application Essay “Getting Started” Workshop on July 30.
The first of two workshops this summer led by Mr. Rick Ellis, Director of College Guidance, and Mrs. Marcia Bernatavitz, Dean of Faculty, students learned what to do and what not to do in the essay process, contemplated what they would like to communicate to prospective colleges, brainstormed suitable topics, and began writing essays to actual application prompts. They started with a spiral drawing exercise to actually get pen to paper and shake off the nerves, then moved on to writing about their “perfect day,” with progressively more challenging, thought-provoking topics.
“Writing a strong essay can be challenging because sharing something of yourself in the written form is often unfamiliar territory for young adults,” said Mr. Ellis. “The college essay is an ideal opportunity to provide an admissions committee with a personal narrative. The excitement and rush of senior year can be overwhelming, so working with our seniors on this process before the year starts will help them get ahead. Although we will cover dos and don’ts and provide context from the college side, having time alongside peers for brainstorming helps students better articulate their passions and interests. I am excited to see some of the ideas come to life on paper.”
A second workshop will be held on August 6 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Upper School Library. Students should come prepared with an iPad, laptop or notebook to work with. Once boarding students are on campus, an additional workshop will be hosted along with helpful workshops offered throughout the year.