Montverde Academy Shanghi Sister School Graduation

On Friday, May 31, 25 students in the Class of 2019 graduated from Montverde Academy’s sister school in Shanghi, China. Under the leadership of Phil Clinton, Principal, the Montverde Academy Shanghai campus consists of students in grades 9-12. All of the students who attend MVA Shanghai are boarding students who follow the traditional MVA curriculum with Advanced Placement® courses available to the students who qualify to take the most rigorous curriculum.
Classes are instructed in English and all students who finish the required MVA graduation requirements receive a Montverde Academy diploma. In addition to achieving the required credits necessary for an MVA diploma, MVA Shanghai students must attend summer school at our main campus once during their high school journey. This requirement provides an excellent opportunity for MVA Shanghai students to absorb and participate in all of the Academy’s traditions and culture. It also helps students become more independent and well-prepared for the transition to college.
At the end of their high school educational journey, the majority MVA Shanghai graduates pursue secondary education at colleges and universities in the United States. This year's MVA Shanghai graduating class does have a number of students attending colleges not only in the United States, but in Canada and Japan as well.
Congratulations to the Class of 2019 MVA Shanghi graduates: Li Shangyi (Shiny), Ren Shijia (Jenny), Jiang Longhui (Diana), Yao Xihua (David), Wu Xi (Jason), Cao Zheng (Eric), Ye Runyu (Rain), Hui Mingzhi (Jack), Chen Sicong (Nick), Han Yafei (Catherine), Wu Yifan (William), Sun Yiru (Chelsea), Yang Jiyun (Judy), Fang Bo (Bob), Huang Yuanxin (Kaye), Ren Guichen (Martin), Gao Jun (William), Sun Tianqi (Leo), Wu Tingfan (Matt), Lu Xiaohan (Lucy), Sheng Xinying (Queena), Ying Ying (Sakura), Wang Yuhao (Jimmy), Zhang Yuan (Amy), and Niu Yuting (Shirley).