Making Memories During Senior Week

Written by Gabe Sitler, Prefect
The last week of high school for the Class of 2019 was spent outside of the classroom, allowing for some final memories to be made before graduation and everyone moving on to their respective colleges. We started off Senior Week with some much needed sleeping in, before meeting in the student center for lunch where we also received our official MVA Alumni shirts. Later in the afternoon, we sat down and listened to some alumni talk about their experiences in the first year of college. Listening to what they had to say gave us a good idea of what to expect as we move on away from MVA.
Tuesday started the real fun as we hopped into the buses and went to Orlando to spend the day at Universal Studios’ water park, Volcano Bay. It was an extremely hot day, but the many water attractions helped to keep everyone cool. We also got to see who was brave enough to do the Ko’okiri Body Plunge, a 125-foot tall slide where the floor drops out right from under you.
The next day was filled with many more tests of bravery as we went to Busch Gardens and conquered the many roller coasters the park offers there. It was a very long, yet exciting day, wandering around the park with friends searching for short lines to hop on as many rides as possible. At the end of the day everyone was left exhausted and not many people were left awake on the bus ride back to school.
Our final outing was to Cocoa Beach for a day spent really bonding with friends. It was another extremely hot day that resulted in many of our pale-skinned students leaving the beach with nice sunburns, while others left with tans. We wrapped up our last week on campus at the lake, eating good food and riding on the tubes as the drivers were determined to throw us off. We then prepared for graduation with a little rehearsal of the big day that follows, so that everything goes according to plan.
Overall, Senior Week was an incredibly enjoyable week of being with our friends for the last time, as many of us our on our way back to respective homes abroad, and then off to colleges across the nation. Many students regarded it as the best week of our senior year leaving us with good memories to look back on after a long year of classes. The time spent during Senior Week and at Montverde Academy will not be soon forgotten.