Garden Club Enjoys the “Fruits” of Their Labor!

Mrs. Pat Whiffen
Our Garden Club meets on Monday and Thursday after school. It is open to any third grade student. We researched the planting seasons and planted a variety of vegetables based on the timing of the season. After we harvested the cabbages, we planted potatoes, celery, carrots, beans, and radishes. The peppers that were planted in the fall are still growing and doing well. Watermelons were planted and we hope to have some fruit when the Club returns in the fall.

We did enjoy munching on the radishes, peppers, potatoes, and celery. We used the mint and rosemary herbs that are growing in lemonade. The students plant, pick weeds, thin out the plants, water, fertilize, and then harvest and eat the results of their garden. Several of the children and their parents have shared with me that they are starting small gardens at home due to their child's continued interest in gardening.