Lower School Honors Program Recognizes Students

As the school year comes to a close, we celebrate the by hosting our annual Honors Program where we recognize the outstanding work of our Lower School students. There were an impressive number of students who earned a Citizenship Award recognition. Many students also earned the honor of a position on the A Honor Roll and the A/B Honor Roll. The kindergarten class performed and our fifth grade students closed out the program with a heartfelt rendition of “High Hopes,” written by Brendon Urie. Congratulations students!
Dhairya Rupareliya, fourth grade student won the Sons of the American Revolution Award, which recognizes outstanding citizenship. Brooke Burton, fourth grade student, and Lucas Paez, fifth grade student, were chosen to receive the Dean’s Award. The Dean’s Award recognizes a student’s excellence in embodying Montverde Academy’s three pillars of Knowledge, Character and Community.
Congratulations to our rising fifth grade students: Ashlyn Anderson, Claudia Barbey, Jesse Barnhill, Victoria Becce, Nishchay Bhattarai, Anna Carrier, Paolo de Fabrique, Titus DeClercq, Sara Echavarria, Sophia Flanigan, Alexa Fricker, Carington Helms, Tatriana Hinds, Braylon Howard, Dale Hull, London Jackson, Isabella Johnson, Levia Juravin, Aaron Kaufman, Sophia Kerpsack, Wesley Lafferty, Kate Lindberg, Brayden Long, Dhani Miller, Charlotte Newton, Sophie Owen, Raymond Ozols-Szoke, Brooke Pacheco, Lucas Paez, Isabella Parra, Edward Resetniks, Nybia Rivera-Alvarez, Christopher Russo, Aria Sallin, Ryan Sapp, Chloe Saranita, Audrey Schmiechen-Patterson, Koryn Scott, Ross Snapp, Breckin Stebbins, Christopher Wathington, and Aidan Zabar.
Congratulations to our kindergarten students who graduated into the first grade: George Alburquerque, Christian Ariza, Hayden Boles, Carter Bostocky, Nevaeh Driscoll, Jason El-Bacha, Nicolas (Nico) Frederick, Naya Frempong, Angelina Gonzalez, Gregory Hardy, Ziliana Hinds, Carter Huynh,Maggie Jamieson, Victoria Jean-Marius, Sofia Khan, Kendall Machado, Anaisha McDowell, Maheeba Minhas, Roberto Negron, Alden Orlando, Gabriel Ozols-Szoke, Liliana Parker, Henrik Paulsen, Eli Rabinowitz, Cameron Reynolds, Noah Rock-Rodriguez, Julissa Said, Grayson Scott, Keira Spry, Yasin Sylla, Addison Vogel, Logan Williams, Isabell Wojnowski, Arjun Yoganand, and Zijun (Lucas) Zhan.