Eighth Grade Has a Ball at Universal Studios Gradventure Night!

Two busloads of 82 eighth grade students, the largest MVA group to attend the event so far, headed to Universal Studios for a night of fun with friends for Gradventure. Both parks, “Islands of Adventure” and “Universal Studios,” were open for Middle School students only for a night filled with DJ’d music, street entertainment and the most exciting rides and attractions around.
The students had full run of the parks from arrival around 5 p.m. until midnight. The event was a great success with smiles and laughs all around. “Gradventure was awesome and life-long memories were made!” said Ava Barbey.
Thank you to chaperones Mr. Narducci, Mrs. Salazar, Ms. Lindor, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Chinchilla, Mrs. Mercer, Mrs. Story, and Coach Sweet, who kept right up with students for the long night of fun!