Helping Students De-stress with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to maintain an awareness of what is in the present moment, rather than focusing on the past, future or running through a to-do list. The practice of mindfulness allows us to keep life’s events, our feelings and stressors in perspective, while reducing stress, enhancing performance, and gaining insight and awareness of ourselves and those around us.
Our College Guidance office offered students a De-stress Fest in the library recently as a break from studying campus is doing to prepare for upcoming finals. It was a great time to take a couple minutes, and help students de-stress and practice mindfulness at a variety of stations that featured classical music, kinetic sand, sensory items, coloring, and inhalation exercises.
Benefits of mindfulness include reducing stress and anxiety; improving memory, concentration and performance; creating happier relationships; improving sleep; enhancing creativity, and more! Here are some simple tips to incorporate mindfulness practices into a daily routine: