Blood Drive Collects Units to Save Lives

By Kendall Lewin
On Friday, April, 26 Montverde Academy held our second Blood Drive of the year. Together with OneBlood, we organized and executed a very successful drive. Students, 16 and older, as well as some faculty, staff and parents were able to board the Big Red Bus to have their blood drawn. During study halls and lunch periods, students could come donate and enjoy free snacks and pizza. 
Donating blood is an extremely important and often overlooked form of service. Every two seconds somebody needs blood and it can be difficult to supply that demand, especially considering only 38 percent of the population is eligible to donate. From that 38 percent, only 10 percent actually choose to give blood. It is crucial that we change this statistic to end the shortage of blood available to hospitals and patients. Each unit of blood saves three adult or four infant lives which shows truly how much one pint of blood can benefit others. Giving up less than an hour of time can give three people an entire lifetime. It also comes with a free wellness checkup and has health benefits. 
Between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. the Big Red Bus collected 37 units of blood. This amount of blood will save up to 111 lives! None of this would have been possible without the continuous support from OneBlood and help from our academy staff. 
As student project manager of this Blood Drive, I learned a lot about organizing a large event, communications and coordinating. I found it to be a very fulfilling experience and look forward to taking on more leadership roles in the school community. I also encourage students to get involved with community service in every way possible, because not only does it have benefits to the people around you, it is guaranteed to leave you feeling content and accomplished. We hope to have many more on campus service events next year!