MVA Upper School Teams Take Part in Programming Competition

Three MVA teams competed in the Programming Competition hosted by UCF, who hosts the most highly attended high school programming tournament in Florida. This year, there were more than 300 students participating on 113 teams from 35 different schools who competed for prizes.
Each team is given approximately ten programming problems of varying degrees of difficulty to solve within four hours. The team solving the most problems wins, with ties broken based on the amount of time taken to solve the problems. Teams have the option of using C/C++, Java and/or Python on PCs. The emphasis of the contest is on problem solving rather than on the specific details of the language
The Montverde Academy teams solved a total of twelve of the challenges and placed them in a tie for sixth place with a number of other teams, placing then firmly in the top half of the pack. The students who competed are: Jarvis Evalle, Gary Finco, Nicholas Knapp, Brianna Martin-Litchmore, Zhiyu “George” Miao, Lucy Nguyen, Dhyey Shah, and Akash Tandon.
Congratulations to the teams!