Upper School Students Study Animals at Busch Gardens

The Upper School AP Biology class got a chance to visit Busch Gardens, to conduct investigations about the animals there. It was a great opportunity for students to conduct a scientific investigation from the beginning to the end independently. Each student researched a particular animal, and focused on the behavior of social animals in captivity.
At the park, students conducted 90 minutes of observations to collect data. Several of the students were able to have in-depth interviews with animal keepers. Ethan Williamson and Peyton Hollis enjoyed speaking with the elephant keeper at length. The students learned a great deal of information from them about the animals’ behavior, the relationships between the animals, their age, and sex – important data points for their projects.
Upon returning, formal lab reports detailing their investigations were written, incorporating their on-site research with other scientific research.
“Any time students can get out of the classroom to do independent research, we have great results,” said Mrs. Sarah Schuler. “I am impressed with their work. They never disappoint me with their insight. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for students to gather data, conduct interviews, analyze information, and create a full report on their findings.”