Lower School Performs “Text Feature” Surgery

To conclude a unit in third grade, Mrs. Tomlinson and Mrs. Tannehill’s class participated in a reading and hands-on math activity related to a hospital theme called Text Feature Surgery. The students also designed a hospital using their area and perimeter skills. Specific rooms were to be included and students had to find the total area and perimeter for the rooms in the hospital. They then wore doctors’ gowns, masks and gloves in order to perform “surgery.” The “surgery” they performed was on different magazines looking for text features such as tiles, photographs, captions, graphs, and fun facts.
“In order to fully engage our students we tried our best to simulate a hospital setting,” said Mrs. Tomlinson. “When students entered the classroom we had hospital signs up, music in the background and gowns to put on right away.”
“Research shows that students learn best when their interests are sparked. With a number of students interested in working in the medical field in the future as well as parents who work in the medical field,  designing a real-life, hands-on scenario was the perfect opportunity to set the stage for a collaborative learning project” said Mrs. Tannehill.
It was a fun way to dissect the text features, utilize math skills and feel like a doctor for a little while. Creating and participating in this activity was much more engaging than simply using a typical worksheet. These types of interactive, different sensory activities make the content more memorable for students, who are still talking about it in classrooms three weeks later! Teachers and students can’t wait for the next third grade room transformation.