K-Kids Program Helps Others

K-Kids is a community service program at the Lower School for students in third through fifth grade. The heart to serve is one of the core foundations of K-Kids, and our members identified a need within the community and developed a plan of action to meet those needs.
On Saturday, March 9, our K-Kids completed a community service project at the Oakland Nature Preserve. Students and their families helped pull and dispose of exotic plant species that were invading the preserve. After working together to fill bucket after bucket and trash bins full of the plants, the group enjoyed exploring the grounds and visiting the museum to see many different animals that call the preserve home. The group ended the afternoon with a picnic lunch together to celebrate our hard work and giving back to our community.
“I am excited to see the desire to give back to our school and community at such a young age,” said Mrs. Rosemarie DeJarnett, K-Kids adviser. “Community service is an excellent opportunity to connect with others, develop social skills and improve the quality of life for those around us.”
Nice work K-Kids! Keep up the great work assisting in our community!