Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Upper School

Our Upper School Entrepreneurship class was excited to welcome Harold Mills, former CEO of Zero Chaos, as a speaker. Drawing on his years of experience in creating a very successful technology and human resource business, Mr. Mills spoke with students about how to build a leadership team and staff, providing corporate examples and insight from his personal experience to illustrate the process of creating a successful entrepreneurial business.
This was the third time Mr. Mills has spoken to the Upper School’s Business and Entrepreneurship classes. Through an interactive class where students can ask questions as he talks about the need to develop an intentional approach to creating and staffing a business, students are able to better understand the scope of challenges that face an entrepreneur.
“We were down to the last bit of resources in our checking account, and I really had to consider whether or not this business was going to work,” said Mr. Mills. Hearing that from someone who has navigated the difficult, though rewarding, journey of an entrepreneur is enlightening for students who may only see the rosy rewards that Mark Zuckerberg, Google or Starbucks have achieved.
We greatly appreciate his time and expertise. The students truly enjoy listening and interacting with such a well-regarded, successful entrepreneur.
To further encourage budding entrepreneurs, MVA is offering a summer course and trip for students interested in how entrepreneurs get started. The course will focus on entrepreneurship by studying the history, growth and current leadership of hugely successful companies - Amazon, Starbucks and Google, during week one to build the entrepreneurship skill set. Week two is spent traveling to Seattle and San Francisco with EA Tours for a closer look at these two innovative cities. Private tours of several companies will provide the chance to experience firsthand the culture, politics and economics that inspired these beacons of entrepreneurship! The cost is $4,520 – $1,625 for tuition and $2,895 for the trip is which includes airfare, hotel, transportation, tours, and some meals. For more information, email kristine.walsworth@montverde.org or lance.walsworth@montverde.org.