Commissioned Work Debuts at Strings Concert

By Dean Bell, Director of Arts
Students in MVA’s strings program impressed the audience on February 13 at the production of an All-Strings Concert at Clermont Performing Arts Center. This concert featured 100 string students from the Lower, Middle and Upper School; from beginner to advanced orchestra. The concert featured a wide variety of music from beginner level songs such as “Five Finger Rock” by Brian Balmages and “Tuna Rumble” by Doris Gazda, to advanced pieces like the “Allegro” from “Concerto Grosso Op. 3, No. 11” by Antonio Vivaldi, and “The Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saens.
The highlight of the evening was a special ensemble presentation of a musical piece which was commissioned specifically for this concert. The piece, “Metamorphosis: A Caterpillar’s Journey,” was written by Francis Caravella, composer and teacher, to involve all of the varying levels of students simultaneously in a single piece. This work uses tonal imagery to evoke the journey of a caterpillar through its transformation into a butterfly and was masterfully played by the string students. The audience loved it and the students enjoyed performing together.
“Many people might not realize what a unique experience this is for our students,” said Dean Bell, Montverde Academy’s Director of Arts. “Very few people have an opportunity to be involved with a world premiere of a musical composition – much less one composed especially for them.  It is opportunities such as this that are why our Arts programs are consistently recognized for their excellence.” 

If you missed the performance, you can see the commissioned piece HERE.
This event was under the direction of Dr. Jeannine Mongeon, Mr. Hanrich Claassen and Mrs. Gina Mobley, music faculty at Montverde Academy.